Art reviews

2013  A.moret  "The Mind's Eye"  installation magazine issue 17  

2012  Toshiharu Suzuki Review "Who is inside ?" (REAR No.27)

2010  Akiba Fuminori Review "I I M 1999~2009" (REAR No.23)

         Toshiharu Suzuki Review "I I M 1999~2009" (C&D Vo.41)

         Miyakawa Madoka Review "I I M 1999~2009" (Cyuunichi Newspaper)

2008  Yukiko Tanaka Review "Who is inside ?" (artholic)

2007  Yukiko Tanaka Review "Self-Portrait"(BT/2006.8)

2006  Yoko Morimura Review "next station"(Cyuunichi Newspaper/2006.10.26)

   Miki Mori Reviews "next station"(BT/2006.12)

   Toshiharu Suzuki Review "next station"(「C&D」Vol.37)

2005  Harasawa Akiko Reviews "Viewer"(REAR No.10)

         Hioki Takashi Review "Viewer"(Nagoya Times2005.1.25)

         Akiba Fuminori Reviews "Viewer"(BT/2005.3)

         Segolene Bendo「Une pluie de gants」(「La Nouvelle」Vol.24 No23 2005.11.30)

         Clment Drolet「COLLECTIONNEURS D'ART」(「Voirestrie」2005.12.8)

   Steve Bergeron「Des oeuvres faites de petites manies」

                                                 (「La Tribune」2005.12.10)

2004  Yoko Nose Reviews "I I M Director A, Director B"(BT/2004.2)

2003  Elisa Turner Review "Japanese art: less 'whammo' this time around "

                                                                (The Miami Herald/2003.10.26)

         Gray Schwan Art Review (The Palm Beach Post/2003.10.12)

         Fujiki Syuu Artist Interview (REAR No.2)

2001  Inoue Syouji Reviews "I I M Director's room" (Cyuunichi Newspaper/2001.7.16)

         Harasawa Akiko Reviews "Institute of Intimate Museums" (BT/2001.1)

2000  Isii Youji Reviews "Institute of Intimate Museums"(Yomiuri Newspaper/2000.10.25)

         Amano Kazuo Reviews (AES/2000.9.2)

         Kurita hidenori Reviews "Institute of Intimate Museums" (BT/2000.2)

1999  Enomoto Ryouichi "J-ART at the turn of MILLENNIUM "(BT/1999.12)

         Oono sakiko "given" (kourogikirigirisu No.5/1999.11.23)

         Hirano chieko "The First Steps" (STUDIO VOICE vol.281 1999.5)

         John Mendelsohn Reviews/New from Japan (

         Holland Cotter Weekend Fine Arts Leisure "The First Steps"

                                               (The New York Times/1999.3.12)

         Grady T Turner "The First Steps" (Revie/1999.3.1)

1997  Michel Bois "L’etoffe des heros" (VOIR /1997.5.21)

         Dany Quine "Du jeu et du symbole" (LE SOLEIL/1997.6.7)

1996  Tnaka Sanzou Review "Inside of works, Outside of works"

                                                  (Asahi Newspaper/1996.4.11)

         Mita Haruo Review "Inside of works, Outside of works"

                                           (Mainichi Newspaper/1996.4.30)

         Inoue Syouji  Review "Inside Outside" (Cyuunichi Newspaper/1996.4.15)

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