Artists' statement

How do we see the world ? Am I really aware of the act of looking ? Even carefully observing the object surface on which light falls is not enough to understand the world.

I reverse interior into exterior, exterior into interior, not only of an object surface but also of the viewer’s space and the standing in relation to the object. Sometimes I place obstacles between viewers and works. Although this limits or deprives their vision, it makes viewers aware of their regular eye movements and changes their ways of experiencing the space. As a way of studying visual perception, I have created a series of works.

I hope to open up a door for viewers by offering the experience of new perspectives.


Title: Institute of Intimate Museums / Inside the Head (mask)

Date: Standing Pine / JAPAN 2014

Medium: mirror, mask made by paper(exhibition flier) bag


This work represents inside of my brain that I imagine. In the mind, there is a huge library which is full of various memory and knowledge of the life so far. (Small) I wander among the books which are orderly arranged in spiral staircase pattern and fetch necessary memory from there. The act of "seeing" things is never accomplished only with eyes. The brain has a significant role to play.


Title: Institute of Intimate Museums / The Third Eye (eyeball)

Date: Standing Pine / JAPAN 2011

Medium: mixed media installation (plastic ball, Japanese traditional paper mirror)

Size: 3 inches in diameter


The Third Eye is the simplest work in the series Institute of Intimate Museums. The deep and beautiful space of museum spreads inside the eyeball whose diameter is about 7,5 cm. The distance between object and viewer is closer than other work. When they take look inside the eyeball, their own intimate museum occurs to their brain.


Title: Institute of Intimate Museums / Inside (doll)

Date: 2009

Medium: mixed media (glass, mirror, diorama, doll)

Size: 10” x 10” x 4’ (pedestal)


This work is focused on viewer in the series Institute of Intimate Museums.

When viewer takes a look inside the below where "Viewer" is standing as an object, their private space is found there. In my recent work of Viewer -Inside-, I turned my figure, my past works, and my memories into books, and allocate them to bookshelves and libraries which represent my brain.  


Title: Institute of Intimate Museums / Outside (frame)

Date: 2005

Medium: mixed media (mirror, frame, diorama)

Size: frame size (dimension is variable)


Contrary to Viewer -Inside-, "Viewer" is observed from "view outside frame" in this work. Through the frame, "Viewer" in the museum is seen from the world outside.


Title: Institute of Intimate Museums / Commercial Package (spaghetti)

Date: EST-NORD-EST Centre de sculpture / CANADA 1999

Material: spaghetti boxes I collected from my daily diet, pictures of my past works

Size: 2 x 11 x 4 in. each dimensions variable


In this work, museum is constructed in commercial-packaging box of mass food production such as spaghetti, cereal and cheese.


Title: Inside Outside -Human Body Shape-   

Date: Gallery ACS / JAPAN 1995.   

Material: plaster, wood

Size: 108 x 120 x 440 in


This is the first wok in the series Inside Outside and is made by the negative mold of the surface shape of human body.


Title: Inside Outside -Obstructing the View-

Date: Gallery Yamaguci / JAPAN 1996

Material: plaster, wood

Size: dimensions variable


The purpose of this interactive work is to encourage viewer to think about the behavior of "seeing" in the whole exhibition space by exhibiting the work from different angles and restricting viewpoint.


Title: Inside Outside - Enclosed Shape-

Date: Tokyo International Forum Exhibition Hall / JAPAN 1997,98

Material: two-way mirror, plaster, wood

Size: 120 x 92 x 92 in.


This is the final work in the series Inside Outsid. The work is surrounded by one-way mirror, so it is hard to see the inside clearly. Only the mirror hung above the work helps viewer to see its entire picture. 

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